Business Telephone Systems

Every business should handle the communication with a sound system. At Hosted Telco, we are capable of configuring a business telephone system to your most exact needs with the flexibility to handle your increasing demand to a multi-site company in between locations or time zones.

Simply put, our palette of business telephone systems covers a variety of solutions. From traditional desk-based handsets to robust Voice Over IP (VoIP) technologies, we are your link to a more connected business.

The Benefits You Will See From Your Business Telephone Systems

Some of the crucial benefits that we offer with each one of our business telephone systems include the easy set up, amazing flexibility and extended manageability for your business. Our range of advanced business telephone solutions can handle all of your communication needs – all that at an affordable cost that gives you an efficient system.

Allowing you to manage your workload gradually, our telephone systems come with flexible features such as call management, terminal line-ups and basically all kinds of upgrades that meet your utmost communication needs.

Tailored To The Needs Of Different Industries

We offer an industry-leading mixture of reliable PBX products and a telephone technology that is efficient, flexible and reliable on both wired and wireless communication systems. Suitable for numerous industries including healthcare, sales, education and public administration, they are all easily integrated and ready to provide you with everything you require to maintain your contacts and manage your clients.