Cloud Telephone system

Our cloud based telephone systems at Hosted Telco let you take advantage of the Internet’s massive storage capabilities. Rather than maintaining your traditional phone system software on a server, you can purchase a cloud phone system service and pay on a subscription basis.

Wondering how will this benefit you?

The Amazing Advantages Of Cloud Telephone Systems

First and foremost, cloud has been invented to maximize storage capabilities and offer great cost savings. In our example, the cloud telephone system packages that we offer make switching to VoIP easier than ever – and reducing the cost of the local calls by up to 40% while making international costs up to 90% cheaper.

The cloud telephone system charges a subscription fee that is less per minute than any landline phone service, and guarantees utmost volume and usage thanks to the cloud capabilities. There are packages with unlimited minutes that are economical for businesses with high traffic.

No Expensive Hardware And No Maintenance Or Installation

You don’t have to be near your desk phone to communicate with your clients or customers. Instead, with a cloud telephone system you can access your communication wherever you are, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

simply plug in your laptop, get your phone or take the tablet out – and enjoy communication made easier thanks to cloud telephone systems. Your entire service is hosted, and you don’t pay for any maintenance of the equipment. In other words, it’s all in the cloud!

Communication on the cloud is easy. For more information on our cloud telephone system offers and packages, contact us today!