Hosted Telephone Systems

At Hosted Telco, we introduce small businesses and entrepreneurs to complete hosted telephone systems that provide them with an extensive range of telephony capabilities. All of the features and capabilities are accessed through a simple and easy to use web portal, making it easier for you to call without the need of an IT team by your side.

Some of the crucial benefits of our hosted phone systems include:

  • the flexibility for remote working – they are ideal for homeworkers or staff that needs to work productively whilst out of the office
  • scalability – there are new features rolling out immediately, letting you upgrade and scale your business with useful third-party applications
  • work smarter and pay less – our hosted telephone systems are cost-effective and can be interoperated between mobile devices and fixed telephones
  • multi-site deployment – by purchasing a hosted telephone system, you are getting a system that can be integrated with your CRM, corporate directory or schedule, letting you manage, transfer and connect more calls to it

In fact, our hosted telephone systems go beyond your expectations when it comes to managing your calls easily and effectively. The end result is increased productivity and a communication system that is flexible, reliable and tailored to your needs.
Priced affordably, our hosted telephone systems aim to give you a relaxed and free approach to telephony. So, why not contact us today and request your free estimate?