IP Phone Systems

The movement that has brought IP phone systems to the spotlight is called cord-cutting movement. As you probably know, IP phone solutions are not limited to consumer cables. Instead, they exploit the full power of the Internet, making communication cheaper and easier than ever before.

Flexible VoIP Phone Solutions That Let You Connect With The World

Also known as VoiP (Voice over IP), our IP phone systems at Hosted Telco are flexible, full-featured and most importantly – cheaper than any traditional alternative. Ideal for companies of all sizes, they help businesses stay in touch and be globally connected at a significantly lower rate.

This technology works by adopting the Internet as its main framework – and your IP as your unique identity with which you communicate. The IP phone systems are designed to route your calls to the appropriate phones on your networks and devices, converting the calls to and from digital signals if necessary.

Advanced Options You Can Add In Your Account’s Interface

IT doesn’t matter which package of the IP phone systems you choose. What matters is that every choice is upgradable with more advanced options as you dive in your provider’s online account interface. The only thing you need to implement an IP phone system is your choice – and nothing else.

If you are interested in making communication easier for your business, contact us today and see how our IP phone systems can benefit you!