PBX Switchboard

Also known as Private Branch Exchange, PBX is a small telephone switch that is owned by a company or organization. Businesses purchase it in order to reduce the total number of telephone lines and make telecommunications easier with a single telephone line for every employee within an organisation.

 Line Extensions That Work For Your Business

Our premium PBX switchboard systems at Hosted Telco cut the middleman and sales cost and let you make most of your savings with a new business phone system that adopts the online principles. Whether you are a small, medium sized or a large company, PBX switchboard systems are scalable and easy to choose.

At Hosted Telco, we specialize in all kinds of PBX switchboards that are designed by different brands and exceed your company’s requirements.  Our affordable PBX switchboard telephone systems come from leading brands on the market and offer you the best solution for your business.

An Internal Switching Network For Utmost Data Processing, Control And Logic

Our PBX switchboard systems are smart and come with different switchboard operations, making your telephone lines more streamlined and your signal stronger than ever before. You can use them to process connections according to your user requirements or to maintain consistency within your organization.

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