SIP Phones

SIP Phone is a phone that is a result of innovation, quality, performance and cost-effectiveness. Basically, it is used to set up and managed phone calls over an IP-based network using another Open Standard known as ‘RTP’. The main classification of SIP phones is divided in two main categories:

  • Hardphones (or Deskphones or Hardware SIP Phones)
  • SoftPhones (or Software SIP Phones)

 HardPhones, Deskphones And Hardware SIP Phones

Basically, a HardPhone SIP looks similar to a traditional phone. However, the only difference is that it is connected directly to the data network rather than the standard wiring and PSTN lines. This makes it fully integrated and able to share the network connection with the computer, meaning that you don’t need an additional network or phone to make your communication seamless.

You can use the phone as your desk phone – or your analog phone with an ATA adapter to plug in the ethernet network jack into it and then plug the phone into the adapter as a regular SIP phone.

SoftPhones or Software SIP Phones

Software SIP Phones are different than HardPhones because they are ran by a software program that provides telephone functionality. They also use the Open Standards protocols SIP and RTP to call setup and voice delivery, working on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

In the end, the main benefits of SIP phones are the seamless integration, flexibility and presence on a variety of devices – making communication easier than ever before.

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