VoiP Systems

Enjoying hassle free telephony has never been easier. We pride ourselves on our VoIP systems that provide you with a reliable communication stream that requires no maintenance and offers you predictable costs.

Our VoIP systems are designed to fit individuals, households, small businesses and large corporations. Basically, there is no limit to what a VoIP system can handle.

No Long-Term Contracts Or Hassle Management

Finally, the solution that many of you wanted is now here. Also known as Voice over IP, VoIP systems are designed to reduce your worldwide traffic costs and provide you with the lowest price guarantee for any destination. Although this is their main and most significant competitive advantage, there are many other benefits such as crystal-clear communication and easy connection.

Basically, our VoIP systems at Hosted Telco let you call unlimited destinations or outbound channels. As a loyal customer of ours, you will also get a 24/7 customer support for any potential support or configuration issues.

Save Up To 70% On Your Telephony Costs

VoIP systems are not anymore a trend – they are a common reality. With them, it is easier than ever to manage your outbound and inbound traffic but also save up to 70% on all your telephony costs. Supporting both local geographic numbers and toll free numbers for inbound traffic, our VoIP systems are different because you don’t need to use your existing phone lines – you only need an Internet connection.

If you are ready to make most of your cost savings and leverage the power of digital communication, contact us today and select your preferred VoIP package!